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Do Geneveve Treatments Hurt?

Are you searching for a solution for vaginal health issues? Geneveve by Viveve may be the answer you’re looking for. Geneveve treatment is at the forefront of non-surgical solutions for women’s intimate health issues. It is a fast, effective procedure that delivers long-lasting results, with little or no downtime. But do Geneveve treatments hurt?

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Geneveve is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It treats vaginal laxity with clinically proven cryogen cooled monopolar radiofrequency technology (CMRF). Geneveve is a therapeutic solution that replenishes the soft tissues of the vagina, by stimulating collagen within the inner layers of the vaginal wall. The procedure improves vaginal tightness, and boosts lubrication.

How it works

The Geneveve handpiece emits monopolar energy that penetrates to a depth of 3-5mm within the submucosal tissues. The energy is delivered in a safe and uniform manner, and stimulates the production of collagen in the deep tissue layers, resulting in a tighter vagina.

There is no downtime after Geneveve treatment, as the system does not injure the vaginal tissues in any way, so patients are free to resume normal activities right away.

Geneveve takes 30 minutes to complete, and only one treatment is necessary to achieve long-term improvement. Some patients experience a difference immediately after treatment, but optimal results take up to 3 months.

Do Geneveve treatments hurt?

The Geneveve treatment does not hurt, and most patients that have had the procedure done agree that it is painless, and comfortable.

The system offers integrated contact cooling that cools and protects the surface tissues, ensuring that there is no discomfort as the monopolar energy penetrates deep into the vaginal tissues. During the procedure, some patients report feeling a warming or cooling sensation, but it is not painful.

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