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How Many Vaginal Laxity Treatments Are Needed To Experience Results?

Vaginal laxity is a common health concern that women previously didn’t bother to report because they thought it was a normal process. This has changed lately, thanks to the growing number of vaginal rejuvenation treatments on the market. But what is the procedure like, and how many vaginal laxity treatments are needed to experience results?

What causes vaginal laxity?

The vaginal tissue often weakens as a result of the stresses of childbirth, hormonal changes, and the natural aging process.  These factors affect collagen levels in the vaginal tissue, resulting in a feeling of looseness in the vagina, which is referred to as vaginal laxity.

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How vaginal laxity treatments work

Vaginal laxity has traditionally been treated with surgery or Kegel exercises, but new non-surgical treatments are now available.  

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are designed to tighten the vaginal tissues, and renew collagen. This is typically done using radiofrequency (RF) or laser energy.  The thermal energy heats the deep layers of the vaginal tissue, and this initiates the body’s own regenerative process, resulting in the formation of new collagen. The increased collagen tightens and strengthens the vaginal wall.  

How many vaginal laxity treatments are needed to experience results?
The number of vaginal laxity treatments needed to experience results depends on the type of device used. Most vaginal rejuvenation solutions on the market require a minimum of 2 treatments to see positive results. However, Geneveve treatment by Viveve delivers optimal results with just one treatment.

The improvements gained with vaginal rejuvenation treatments are not immediate, as it takes several weeks for new collagen to develop. The results usually peak about 3 months after treatment.

Do you think you may be a good candidate for vaginal laxity treatments?

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